We provide the essential Preparation Stages for your Project including an initial free consultation, and a feasibility evaluation if requested:

  • full Measured Survey of your Property/site, regardless of the complexity (simple, complex)
  • production of sketches and schemes to allow different options,
  • production of Full Planning Application set of Drawings,
  • production of Design and Access Statement, and all relevant documents

We will then monitor and manage the planning application with the Council and liaise with the officer to ensure that your planning application has the best chance of success. We worked with confidence on Conservation area (succeding on getting planning approval  with modern glazing extension). For domestic projects that fall under permitted development rights, we generally go for the Lawful of Development Certificate, applicable per agreement.    Next:

  • Structural Drawings and Calculations
  • Party Wall agreements, initial assistance and advice on it as well as external references if requested.
  • Thames Water (drainage)
  • Building Control

As soon as your planning permission is granted; we prepare the necessary documentation to allow our clients to approach different builders, as well as we recomend builders that we trusted with positive results on our hands, we have a good number of suppliers we experienced as well as individual installer, carpenters.. and   based on the budget  we help you for:

  • Tendering Process

At Continuum-Design we make the experience and the interaction with customers accessible, in particular during:

We ensure that there is a clear and effective communication with the Builder and the Building Control Inspector in order to solve any matters of the project, helping to sway away unnecessary stress. Our pragmatic approach and capability to fully understand the desired outcome of different clients’ projects allow us to work with a wide range of customers. We are capable of following you on a simple loft conversion as well as on more ambitious or complex projects. We offer exceptional dedication for each project/client to ensure an outstanding experience, achieved by carefully listening to your needs and requirements and ensuring our team deliver your marvellous project without hurdle.

As a growing architectural practice, we can say that we also work on non-traditional projects. Moreover, we work hard to engage our clients with remarkable services. Our key being love for functional design, because at the end of the day our feet is always on the ground and we believe in projects that work for everyday needs.

We look forward to meet you on site for a Free consultationContact Us.

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Projects delivered in 3 years

  • Planning Approval Granted 85%

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