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Simulation FEA [Finite element analysis]

Design performance and strenght simulation if overloaded

Realistic Simulation Accurancy: reflect Real performed results as built


30 – 35     :  Forces applied as uniform on desk surfaces

40 – 1.10   :  Desk real deformation surfaces if overloaded Kg/cm2

1.15 – 2.00 :  Maximum bending on cantilever and metal bar bending

2.05 – 2.20 :  Static Reaction on  Compression and Buckling of post



The quality of analisys for uniform elements is pretty accurate and solve a critical issue, allow to solve the structure layout already during design process, it means during the concept stage. While a residual amount of doubt is always left, until construction take place, means performances are proofed when costs could grow as well as time efficiency could be affected, and considering the time that were spent on the past on assuming how structure elements were performing on real environment, having experienced all this we consider the software solution as today defined in terms of standards and accessibility, a solution with a good avarage efficiency and quality to ensure what with risk taking and with a huge consumption of time on evaluations and research were left only on the area of design assumption. These tools are probably the best intermedial point before construction and implement with a much higher comunicability what with again huge costs on the past were left only on structure engineer evaluation. A good partnership between design, structure engineering and today modular softwares is probably the best balance on achieving lower construction costs.

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Heating Simulation

is realistic and rapresent warm air diffusion inside the room.

Part of the Design took on consideration the ideal allocation of the desk as well as orientation.

As benefit a better use of radiator power and a reduction of energy consumption as well as ideal working comfort.


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Analytic software and correct evaluation of critical elements, allow to simulate in advance performances with high level of detail and with a correct expression of what should be re-design in order to achieve the best performance. Benefit of dynamic modular software is essential as reduce the amount of assumptions. As well as because a simulation, can happen much in advance of construction process with huge benefits.

Time dedicated

Design process:        1 week in total

Assistance on site:    4 days

Construction:          12 days

The higher  quality of time spent on design means a generous level of costs control and much better performance during construction.


We consider this Project an experiment

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Proposed floor plan layout

Office on site

Office layout 3d

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